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For quite some time now, I've woken up on the occasional morning and one of my arms will be completely numb. I've always attributed this to sleeping on it or something similar. I'm kind of a "rough" sleeper in that I fall asleep on my back and move around a lot during the night, waking up on my stomach. Whenever I experience the numbeness, I pick my arm up and move it away from my body (usually too drowsy to recall if I was actually laying on it or not). As soon as I move the arm, the numbness goes away almost immediately.

I also, on occasion, get a skin sensation in which a certain area of skin will become more sensitive, and will kind of feel like I have a sunburn when I rub it. Doesn't happen often, but usually in the upper body.

Any thoughts on if these are related to any nerve issues?

I'm a student, so I spend A LOT of time sitting at desks, at the computer, etc.

I'd appreciate any help.


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