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Sorry to be late jumping in to reply here; don't get online but every few days. NOOOO WAY are you being a baby!! Pain is real and it's a VERY EVIL MASTER that all of us here serve, unwillingly, I might add!! No one can truly measure pain, and don't let *ANYONE* get into a "my pain is worse than your pain" debate with you!!! This is NOT a contest and there is NO PRIZE WINNER!!!! You will find as you go on with this disease and it's torture, there will be those who want to make a 'contest' out of pain and prove that theirs in worse than yours, etc.......unfortunately, sometimes even closest friends and family! :(

I can't recall for sure when my PN was diagnosed; think it was 7 or 8 years ago. Also have Migraines from time to time and the best form of 'preventive' I've ever tried for them is taking "Topomax", an anti-seizure; might be worth looking into if you've not already explored that angle. Also, when a headache does occur despite the Topomax, I take a generic version of "Midrin" and it works well for **me**. Other miseries I suffer with are Classic Interstitial Cystitis (auto-immune bladder disease in which the bladder walls are covered with scabbing/bleeding sores), Arachnoiditis (damage to 1 of the 3 layers of spinal cord), Ruptured Disc @ L5-S1, DDD, Severe degree Arthritis in both feet, both ankles, both knees, Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Severe Muscle spasticity, Severe Degree Osteoporosis, Chronic Kidney stones and that's the top malodies. So, yep, I am no stranger to pain.

Neuropathy has SOOOO many vicious symptoms, and they can vary widely within the same person, in the same day!! :dizzy: Mine began with lots of burning in the feet, but QUICKLY advanced to SEVERE burning/tingling/numbness, all the way up to the knees. Before I knew it, this was also happening in the hands and arms, and somewhat in the chest and face, and now the very bottom portion only of my left buttock (how weird is this??). Thanks to my own serious stubborness, I've caused the Neuropathy to become VERY, VERY, INTENSELY angry and painful. Due to serious foot problems, I was sternly warned years ago NOT to take up walking as exercise, but did anyway. Even though my feet began hurting a few months ago from doing so, I persued on. Once the feet started hurting, the Neuropathy just jumped aboard with, "Hey, let's hop in here and stir up as much trouble as we can too!!" Life has been more torture than I EVER, EVER thought truly possible for the last few months. Those who have never experienced nerve pain, have really never dealt with *real* pain, Huh???

Thank goodness you now have more medications and another diagnosis with which to do battle against the Neuropathy! :) EVERTYTHING you can add on your side is beneficial, even when it's friends and support!! :) People who do not have pain and suffering in their everyday life will NOT understand - even IF they try to - because this is the type of life you have to LIVE to understand!!! You do what you have to do, to get through each day!!! If that means you have to put your feet on ice/legs under ice packs one hour, and under the heating pad the next hour, so be it!! Besides your medications, learn what other things might help as in ice packs, braces, ace bandages, canes, arch supports for shoes, a variety of types of shoes, a variety of types of pillows for propping up legs/feet, etc. The main thing is that you find a Dr. that is willing to work WITH you in finding the best forms of treatment........**INCLUDING** pain relief!!! Any Dr. that does not include pain relief as a treatment of dealing with severe Neuropathy needs to turn in his license!!!!! Surround yourself with support, even if that has to be 'online support' (that's where ALL my support comes from!!). And KNOW you are NOT alone, and you are NOT giving in or being a baby!!!

Take care,

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