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You're not being a baby, some people need support.

I have had slow progressing neuropathy for aboout 10 years and no diabetes. Your condition sounds like mine but much worst.

I went to a neurologist 7 years ago who didn't know what to do so he treated me with voodoo. I went to another one two years ago who said 'you have neuropathy, what do you want me to do?'
Last December I went to another neurologist who seemed locked into researching my condition with very expensive tests and no cure except more vitamins that I am already taking.
BTW - I had the worst conduction test he had ever seen and could not understand how I was walking. I told him 'the pain', that is how I know where my feet are...... he wanted to give me something for the pain!

My self healing approach includes many vitamins. The latest help is vitamin b-12 shots I give myself @ 500mcgs a week. It does seem to mellow out the pain.
I love aspirin and believe there is an inflamation component in my neuropathy. I am already on a blood thinner so I can't take aspirin so my next appointment with the doctor is to get a cheap anti-inflammatory drug to test. I already take some herbs that deal with inflamation.
I have found carnitine (ALC) to help with the pain but jurys still out on this one since I am uping the dosage slowly because it plays with my high BP.

I realize it took 10 years to get here and any 'cure' or aid will take years to tell me if it is working.

After so many years of living with this and observing my reactions to everything I think neuropathy is strongly linked to inflamation and to sugar. Or to genetics as in CMT syndrome.
In your case with the sugar connection that's a no brainer. However there seems to be a condition triggered by the diabetes in your case and unknown in others without diabetes that disrupts normal nerve health. I am sure there is a health condition unrecognized by doctors that is a non-diabetec reaction to sugar and high sugar consumption.

I would suggest taking all the vitamins and herbs you can find that supports the nerves and it's myelin. Keep active to allow the brain to reprogram control of your motor nerves.

BTW - just a thought - my condition started sometime around my first fluoride treatment from a dentist. I had 2-3 before I confirmed a real reaction to the treatments. We all get a daily dose of this [U]neuro-toxin [/U] in our tooth paste, and water in some cities.

Good luck with your battle. We are all different yet fighting the same enemy.

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