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This could possibly not be just the ulnar issue going on but this could be stemming from a problem stemming from the c spine area instead.The type of pain you described and the location would correlate completely with a possible herniated disc in the c spine area or stenosis or bone spurs up there somewhere.there are also many other possible spinal issues going on up there that can cause these types of actual symptoms too.

I really do think that best next step here would be to have your doc refer you for an MRI of that C spine area,and possibly do a nerve conduction study/emg?this would show any actual nerve compression or actual damage and at what level along the arm it starts.if there is nothing that is actually showing up down in the hand or wrist or elbow area,the next possibility would indicate the c spine.

in order to actually treat anything you have to make certain just where it is actually stemming from and what is causing it.a c spine MRI would hopefully show whether or not this is the source.Good luck,and please keep us posted.Marcia

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