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I've never attemtped further investigation on my symtoms but have mentioned it to my dr. about a yr ago and he called it neuropathy, and I"ve never been to a neurologist...... yet.
it takes me time before I finally go to a dr.
I figured it doesn't interfere with my daily functioning so why bother?
it does scare the heck out of me where I know not to fall asleep with my arms above my head because the few times I"ve done that, I wake feeling as if I'd had a stroke and can't feel my arm. I have to flop down the limb that feels like a heavy peice of meat clinging to my body,with the good arm, and sit there freaking out till the blood comes back into the arm so I can make the feeling go away.
when this started happening, I noticed that I can't even elevate my arms and hands to a resting postion as far up as my abdomen. I have to lay with my arms to my side while watching t.v. in bed.
If I even elevate my arms to hold a book while reading in bed, my hands and arms start to go numb.
I also noticed that if I lay my head on my husbands chest to snuggle up with him while watching t.v. that my scalp starts going numb.
I'm curious as to why this happening? does this happen with the aging process? I'm not a spring chicken anymore and notice a very big change in my body since hitting the 40's. I will be 46 next month.
the numbness started on my inner lower leg many yrs ago which was never detected what it was. you can run your fingers over the calf and it feels as if there's a stocking on it. It does't feel bare to the touch. I'm talking about when I was in my late 20's and I did see a neurologist then.
my spine hurts and I have aches and pains it seems after doing minimul work in the yard or even inside house work.
I can't stand for long periods of time cooking say as if for a thanksgiving feast or to plan a large dinner with my family. by the time it's time to eat, I am FORCED to lay down to relieve the pain, not a sharp pain, but a deep, knawing pain that no position helps make it go away but time.
it takes me a good 1/2 to 1 hr before I can resume to standing.
it's ridiculous. I"m only in my mid 40's and I've never had a back injury in my life.
I was wondering if anyone else with neuropathy finds it difficult to find a diagnosis? should I just live with the problem myself and not continue on a path of a diagnosis? will it eventually get worst? has anyone had the same symtoms as me and does it get worst? should I seek further evaluation?

My memory has been dissipating and crumbling as I age further but the answer is I'm a woman and have reached menopause by surgical method, and this is the reason why. that all woman who are around my age have a memory problem. I feel panic about this but others say don't worry.
I have short term memory loss. I am twisting letters around when I write and I can't remember grade school words.
I understand that depression, anxiety, medications, can all cause these symtoms, but when does a person know when to really make that phone call to a dr and investigate it? I am very frustrated because I can't even carry on a converstation with my coworkers about a movie I watched or a book that I read or what the news said. I feel like a dunce, therefore stay quiet and don't partake in conversations in fear that I"ll sound like an imbecile.

it's horrible. and this is normal for a woman of my age? Well if this is the case, what the heck is my mind going to be like when I hit my 60's? it's progressivly getting worst yr by yr.
does this have anything to do with the neuropathy do you think?

I know I"ve written alot, and belive me I've been holding this in.

I would appreciate any input.


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