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Re: Neurapathy
Jun 14, 2006
I am newly diagnosed too. I'm not a doctor so can only say what is being tried for me.

The Lyrica seems to be a med that needs a period of time to get used to as it can cause sleepiness and a drunk feeling. My doctor said he wanted to start with a low dose (75mg twice a day). I couldn't even tolerate that and only took it at night. After a week, I was able to add the day time dose. It didn't work well but now it has been increased to 4 times a day and seems to be helping more.

I also have been taking B-12 shots and they seem to offer some relief. I use Lidoderm patches and I love them. Since they are topical, they only treat nerves close to the surface but they really help with the burning sensation. They can only be worn in one place for 12 hours though.

I was having some intense pain so I am now on Sterpred DS pack. It's only been one day but the pain really decreased. I have Lortabs for really severe pain, too, but I am really limiting the use of them.

I have read this board and see that different things seem to work with different people and that's pretty much what my doctor told me. It might take a while to find the right combination and even that may need to be changed at times.

Pain is always worse at night but I have found some relief with slathering Ben Gay on my feet. When it's really bad, adding an ice pack helps. It hurts at first but that wears off after a few minutes and it helps enough to be able to fall asleep.

There are so many tests to rule out the causes of neuropathy but sometimes no cause can be found and it is thought that these cases are due to a virus. Your doctor can determine if it is necessary for you to have more tests. But if you are having severe pain, I would definitely let your doctor know.

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