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Hi Sue,

I have not really seen one as of yet as I'm under a prof of orthopaedic, he has sent me to a neurologist who has done my NCT twice and is now sending me back for more test cos my other hand has started and I said about my feet being like it for a few years but got worst this last few months, so he now thinks it very well may be Neuropathy as I do have diabetes so I'm just waiting to hear when my appointment is.

my worst time is is early morning about 4am when I seem to awake my feet and lower legs seem to get really numb and ache and cramp and depending on the way I'm sleeping my arms and hands tends to go numb and tingle I have to move them get get the feeling back, I know everyone gets this from time to time but i gets it up to 10 times a night what drives me mad

I just hope they can find out what it is and sort me out so I can get back to some what of a normal life again, but I do sometimes worry that I may have the start of something bad but hope not

Kind Regards Nigel

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