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[SIZE=3]I have been dx with gastroparesis, Peripheral neuropathy, HTN, sleep apnea & GERD , I'm not diabetic, my Nero is thinking I have MS, he is going to have me get a spinal MRI & a LP, I am on Neurontin 800mg 2 2x a day. Does anyone on this board suffer with any of these problems

my feet burn all the time and I have tingly in all my toes, one toe on my left foot that is completely numb, and have pins and needles sensations on my left elbow, the finger tips on both hands have also have pins & needles sensations, and some time my lip feels like I had a shot of Novocain, and I have all these weird sensations, like ice water running down my leg or across my lower back, even down my spine, and my stomach it always stays so bloated, I'm so miserable I never want to eat and when I do it comes back up, I don't even eat that much.

I am just trying make since of all of this :yawn:

I would love to hear any feedback [/SIZE]

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