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Losing it :(
Jun 27, 2006
Lately, I've been trying my best to see a neurologist, but I still have at least a month to wait. The GP's I've seen so far seem to want to attribute my problems to anxiety.... after 10 lazy blood tests.

So far:
CBC- normal
Lyme- negative (accuracy?)
ASO- high on first occasion.... 2nd not back yet.
C3C4- Normal
ESR- Normal
AST/ALT- Normal
Creatine- Normal
Thyroid- Normal
Electrolytes- Normal
Diabetes- ?
Syphillus- ?
Aids- ?

Whatever they say, my symptoms generally seem to get better on antibiotics; without, the syndrome seems to progress. This pattern has been fairly consistent.

I really don't know what to do anymore... I'm feeling pretty desperate. I'm almost at the point, where fighting my doctor seems rational.

Anyway, here's a recap of my case history, with some relevant points.
1. Was in Northern/Central europe from Late October-December (Lyme connection?)
2. Our household came down with Strep throat. Around the same time, I came down with a sore throat and fatigue-- no fever, or septic tonsils. I tested positive for Strep group G on at least 3 occasions. I was also using a Melatonin supplement for sleep... could this have contributed? Was initially treated with Amoxicillin for 10 days... It helped a bit with the fatigue.
3. 4 months later.... I tested positive on a strep swab for strep Group G. I was treated with a high dosage of Penicillin for 7 days. The fatigue began to resolve... I felt much better. 6 days following cessation of treatment, I started to develop neurological conditions. Had a strep blood test.... my ASO titre was high.
4. My arms and legs began to feel numb/weak (mostly in the upper body), as if they'd fallen asleep. I also began to experience extreme fatigue (constant yawning/resting) and cognitive disturbances and difficulty concentrating-- the world took on a surreal glow. I began to have strange and vivid dreams (i.e. halloween in Sweden, and spiders with cherry tomato abdomen :( ). Went on a 20 day low course treatment with Penicillin. By the end of it, I felt much better.... almost normal. Still, my arms weren't at 100 percent. I could function almost normally however.
5. Over a 1 week period, the sore throat began to reappear, along with progressive fatigue. New neurological symptoms began to develop, including a numb face and neck, increasing numbness in the right arm. Pins and needles for the first time.
6. Went on a high dose course of Penicillin V for 10 days (potentiated with Bromelain, which increases absorption). Felt quite a bit better.... almost immediately. However, towards the end of the course, I began to have anxiety/sleeping problems (ala what's wrong with my body). The numbness in the arms and face increased. I think high Vitamin C doses makes things worse.
7. I've been off of antibiotics for 3 days, and I feel a lingering sore throat already. The numbness in the arms and face has increased a bit. Saw 2 clinic doctors who say it's anxiety. Thanks.

ANyway, I have an appointment with an infectious disease expert in October (gee.... only a few months), an allergist in July, and a neurologist in about a month.

Funny, but these people don't seem to realize I have to pay rent, or that I've almost lost my semester at school.
So much for the swiftness of the Canadian medical system.

Possible diseases I'm worried about: systemic Strep G/Chlamydial/mycoplasma infection, CFS-like syndromes, post-strep autoimmune inflammation- ADEM, Neuritis, myasthenia gravis, MS, ALS, Lyme, tick-related diseases, etc. etc. And let's not rule out heavy metal poisoning and parasitic infection. Joy.

My test wishlist:
More ASO's
anti-basal ganglia antibody
anti-acetylcoline antibody
blood culture
nerve conductivity
further lyme testing
chlamydia/mycoplasma test


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