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shimz,sorry you appear to be going thru neuro hell right now.just reading thru this thread,I too think you may have more than one condition going on as well.

just where are the MRIs going to be done?on what parts of your body?I would very very highly reccomend you having your C spine done most definitely,what you have been describig really does sound like it could be stemming from some sort of issue within your C spine and not attributed to just the shingles or PN.

the things that could possibly be wrong in the C spine are a herniation somewhere or some sort of miss alignment within the c spine itself,bone spurs or even some types of vascular malformations withn the cord or surrounding it.some sort of compression to your actual cord would explain alot of your upper body and even possibly lower torso issues as well.ALOT of neuro issues thru out the entire body can be stemming just from a problem within the c spine,espescially if it is in the c 7 T 1 area,as this is kind of the "junction box' area where many nerves actually cross over or pass thru and a couple of the cranial nerves pass thru here as well and then loop back on up to the head.

this is the same area where I suffered some rather extensive damage to my spinal cord and I have some of the most freaky bizarre unbelievable neuro crap that some i cannot even put into words to even begin to describe just what it actually feels like.I also ended up with two seperate neuro pain syndromes from hell.

as far as any actual nerve conduction study?the thing about these is they will only tell whther or not any given nerve has actually suffered definite damage to it,it shows up as low nerve impulses,or NO impulses flowing thu just measures how long a signal(the needle when activated and pushed into the muscle or other direct nerve)takes to go from the needle point,to the brain and back again.any latency in the signal would be considered to be abnormal ,and theu suffered at least some sort of actual damage.the test will not show any positional type compresssion to a nerve,or just intermittant compression ,only actual in reality,this really only shows whther or not any given nerve has been damaged in some way and really doesn;t "tell" you much more than that.

an MRI would be what would give YOU the best answers at this point,a far as seeing some sort of a cause once you have actually looked inside at the spinal cord and column.

But you really DO most definietly need to have the soon as possible so you can rule in or rule out certain possibilities and hopefully be able to gear a specific type of treatment and or surgery to help correct the problem.

i do wish you tons of luck with this and hopefully they can find and correct at least one of your problems.good luck and please keep us all posted.Marcia

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