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Well in the morning when I wake up I am hoping it is gone. I get up go brush my teeth by that time i can tell it is still here. Bottoms of my feet are sensitive its painful and I am sure it is not as bad as other but I am just at the beginning so I dont know maybe it will remain as is who knows. It does throb in different areas and electric shocks. The shocks and throbs were really bad a couple weeks ago then it sort of subsided and left me with whatever it is i have now less of the shocks less of it all but still pain its all the same just lessened. I think it was sort of an attack and then it sort of calmed down and left it where i wanted to leave it at. Its less in the morning by now its more 5pm and 7pm it starts to be more painful. So at night it is the worse. The tops of my feet i hate the sheets on it. I sleep on my stomach so I dont like it then either since the tops of my feet hit the bed. Eventually I fall asleep. Being in complete sleep is so nice because you will be out of it and so you wont feel it. It is in random areas hand and arms bother me the most. Probably becaue i have to be on the comp alot for my job so i am using them. I have never had this problem before my 2nd bout of shingles. It all started on the second round. My head hurts to if inside as if something is shaking about that is off and on. Yesterday it was aching alot. I even have felt a tingling shock sensation in my neck a couple times and in my face a couple times. Sensations are throughout the day and doesnt stop its various amounts it could be a light one in one area and then later a bit deeper etc.

I remember when i had the attack when it was real bad in some areas i could rub my finger and it would be painful in that area. It is so random but mostly in my hands and legs. I still have my backache that is associated with the shingles so that means my shingles are still real active even though the rash is not there also the burning of the shingles is there.

Shimz, is your pain more of a deep ache? Is it constant or does it throb? Is the pain pretty much the same level all day or does it change at times? Do you have shooting pains, like an electric shock? i feel alot that seems to sort of radiate some radiate further then others like i kept thinking it was from my elbow to my wrist but then later i feel it just in my wrist and my fingers hurt. Then again i felt a burn sensation on my side. I have not felt anything electirc shocks in my shoulders or bicep area but below that I have. Felt a bit burnign in my stomach before to. So i just say everywhere becaues i cant target all areas but the areas most arms hands feet legs knees.

My chest aches i dont know what that is i keept thinking it was the acid reflux but maybe it isnt its mostly on the left chest area.

It is so pointless to tell others that have no idea what i am talking about such as family, doctors peopel in general who have nothing of this nature. To them they dont see the pain because its not visible.

I have permanant numbness in my legs from the knee's down,no sensation whats so ever.I do however get periods of electrical shocks in my feet that can knock me off of them.A year ago I stepped on a nail and ended up in the ER because of an infection.I was given the standard tetanus shot and have had odd numbness ever since(recently diagnosed with MS).I get numbness in my face ,hands,finger tips.Besides being annoying its painful.
Yours seems to be spreading,have you had a lumbar puncture to see if this is inflammatory?
My youngest daughter had shingles when she was 6,now at the age of 11 she still don't like shirts with the tags in them and doesn't like anything tight against her back.My heart breaks for you.I know what it was like dealing with my daughter and the pain she went through once I couldn't imagine it 2 times.
I agree with susan you need to get a second opinion,you could have more than one thing going on.
It can be hard to distinguish between the 2.I had a heck of a time to get a neurologist to listen to me.I had 2 lumbar surgeries 7 years ago and all of a sudden I had lost the use of my right leg,had drop foot,lost ankle reflex,numbness in boyh legs and now they wanted to blame the back surgeries.Since the numbness and other symptoms moved above the lumbar region they finally listened.The nervous system is the hardest to figure out.Hang in there and be persistant and be your own advocate.If you don't agree with your neuro make him explain his reasoning,sometimes little things get over looked .
My prayers are with you

Well I think imay get better right now it is bearable but i dont know. If it goes away should i still try to keep on finding out or should i just move on and wait when it happens again. I mean what choice do i have stressing will just makeing me get shingles again. I hate this crap to bad i didnt get to go in when i had the attack then they could have seeen my blood pressure or something. for the past 3-4 years i had a small tingling sensation that seemed to become more and more it was everday nothing that hurt and i did tell my do but they just kind of brushed it away at that time so did it then this other doc thought i was lying but went ahead and go tme to do an emg somewhere i dont even know if it was done right but the result came back clear. Well of course because there was no damage done yet probably. Then i got the shingles. When i got the shingles all the tingling stopped that was last year i had phn and it finally went ALL away by jan. from June 05-jan06 i had no tingly just had phn that was wearing down and becoming very less. By jan i was pain free NO tingling even and it thought everything was all over it was weird how the tingling went away during that period when i had phn. Then in may out of no where my foot felt like it was on fire just a couple times and i felt something in my head 2 times I didnt think much of it just really didnt. June came and out came the shingles again no rash my back started burning and hands ached and then i kept thinking ah maybe its in my head so by the 3rd day it was burnign hand ached bottom of my legs ached i went in they gave me a shot of kenalog and valtrex for a week for the pain. I was done with the meds of 7 days had nothing else then i had this severe twitching and eletric shock attack thing that happend for a few days and slowly it lessened . Today my legs havent bottered me too much but hands have.

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