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Well today has been better then yesterday so far but i still feel the pains in random areas and thing. He diagnosed me with PHN then later when i complained about all this he said I think it is anxiety and I said no it is not anxiety and he said also that I might want to see a infectious disease specialist. i remember him saying that. In any case he is doing something since he has gotten me to do 2 more mri's and and emg which i have not had yet. i think the mri will come back negative as I dont think the nerves show up not sure. In any case the emg may show that i dont have any nerves damaged. I can feel my entire body its i know what was going on i had some sort of attack on my nerves for a day or 2 and then it slowly slowly lessened but left me at where i am right now. maybe it will get better in a couple months but maybe not. Regardless i need to know what happen because I have the shingles and that is how it came on. Yes it is something else another thing but dont know what it is yet. I keep thinking its pn or an acute case of this or acute case of ms or something. I have a feeling it will never be diagnosed and it may dissipate which would be great but then what happens the next time i get shingles. Chances are i will get them again I had them 2 times with 2 years back to back. I still have the back ache from the shingle so the virus is still active it should be over by now but i guess that is PHN now. It is really weird and i dont have any other illnesses but i will say like 3-4 years ago i had tingling sesation in my arm and then elese where etc so i think it is all related some how but of course the docs will say its not because phn is the only thing they say is associated with shingles but i really think there is more things to it then just that otherwise why would i have had this strange attack. Last year was just pain in the back where the shingles were this year has been different. Last year i was told hi had phn to then finally it seemed to be all gone by january but then june it just came back to remind me. Maybe its a cycle where it comes back over and over for me during the same time period . I dont know but next may/june i will be sure to watch out and pray it wont come again.

As far as my chest i just feel the pain every now and then i guess if i move wrong its not too bad. Today has been a better day compared to yesterday. I do notice it gets worse as the day goes by towards night why is that i wonder is it because the body gets tired or what.

I have been eating bad seems like i deserve to munch on sugar i know that is bad. This lyrica i keep hearing it makes people gain weight? Does lyrica increase your hunger or does it just cause weight gain not food related?

[QUOTE=don'tlikecold]Shimz, the weird thing about your case is that most people with PHN only have pain in the area where their shingles were or the surrounding area. Maybe you have two things going on. Do you go back to your neuro soon? At first, my neuro wanted to see me weekly to keep a close eye on everything but now I go every 3 weeks. I live in a rural area but for some reason we seem to have very concerned doctors here.

You seem to have spreading neuropathy and I would think the doctor would want to know why. Does your insurance allow for a second opinion? I know that some won't unless it is surgery. However, you can call the insurance company yourself and see if you can get another referral if you aren't happy with the doctor you saw.

When you have the pain on your chest, can you reproduce it? If you press the painful part, is it worse or by pressing it, does it hurt? With pain involving the heart, you can't reproduce it, meaning you can't make it happen. If you can reproduce it, then it is muscular, neuro, or an inflammation. You may do well to try and decrease inflammation in your body by using the full dosage of Advil or another ibruprofen. But you may need a prescription medication if its full blown. When your body senses something out of whack, it sends more blood to that area to help heal but that can cause an inflammatory process. Getting that under control can help a lot.

You really have a load to deal with, sweetie, with this affecting so many parts of your body. Are you trying to control your sugar intake? That would help you a lot too. It takes a bit of time to see any affect but you will see some improvement.

Do you have to work straight through the day or can you take breaks? Does that even help?


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