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I recently had ACDF surgery w/ hardware (C5-C6) to facilitate spinal decompression as the result of a sports injury...The assumption has been that I had some herniation due to a prior injury and then back in April when I got hit across the forearm (left) immediately my left hand went numb...most notably my middle, ring, and pinky finger..also the heel of that hand...shortly thereafter I began to experience numbness in the same fingertips on the right well as numbness in the bottom/ball of my left foot and toes...also some numbness in my left chest cavity...the numbness in my left hand is the most acute...All of this supposedly is related to the trauma of being hit on the right forearm which caused full blown herniation of the disk and subsequent severe cord compression w/signal change...Sorry for the long set up...but my question is does massage alleviate in any way the heaviness symptoms associated with neuropathy...The surgery only served to decompress the spinal is up to my own body to restore these nerve connections...or so that is my understanding...I have experienced some pulsing in my left hand/arm sometimes accompanied by a heat sensation since my surgery...a feeling of my left pinky seemingly being pulled toward my left ring finger...Lately I have noticed that if I massage my left forearm just below the elbow it will cause the three fingers in question to flex...and if I massage the whole forearm it seems to offer minor relief of the heaviness...Does any of this sound familiar...or make sense?...Thanks...HTF

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