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You are so sweet Toni :angel: ,

With all you are going thru you still help others. That is pretty awesome. Alot of people would not care about someone with a lesser problem than theirs. I have and Uncle who has been thru several back surgeries and it left him a mess. Hard lesson for your Mom to learn. Hope you both feel better somehow. I'm glad your nuero cares so much. Hope I'm as lucky. The pain doc swears by him though.
I wonder what the doc that does your EMG would say about what happened to me. Neither my pain doc nor my regular doc know what was hit by that needle that day. It shows as a mass now on the right side of the back of by neck. A visible lump on the outside as well. My therapist is thinking a nerve muscle junction was hit and damaged. Causing the muscle to clench up and stay that way.. I've had muscle relaxers, tens unit. heat.cervical epidurals, trigger point injections... nothing works. I am on tramadol for pain and just restarted Lyrica about a week ago. I did it for a week about a month ago and had side effects and didn't call the doc to order more because of the way it made me feel. I had the drunken and sleepy feelings from it. I am on a lower dose this time and not having the problems this time. Back to your EMG doc though, I am so glad you have one that is so considerate of you. They all should be that way. I didn't even know I was going for the bilateral the last time when this happened. I thought the first time was bad, the three needles in the neck were nothing compared to the 6. Every time I had that done I got worse. I get pain in my left arm occasionally when it is real bad. the pain doc said I am getting a cross over effect. Not everyone's nerves are where they should be or even like another person he said. He said because I had damage assosiated with the radial nerve that I can have pain and problems anywhere that nerve branches because my "wiring is crossed" . He said it will worsen as I age . It has only been two years and this has spread thru most of my right arm already. It causes my muscles to cramp in my bicep and forearm too which he said can very well happen too because of the damage. I am so glad this doc is honest with me and that he really cares. He wants to find someway to make me feel better. He said I am too young for this stuff.LOL I laugh because I'm 41. I feel like I am 20 years older than that alot of the time though. Something about headaches that is ddifferent than other pain. Makes it hard to think and concentrate . I feel bad for my kids especially though, Mom gets moody and angry over this and it comes out at them sometimes. My 5 year old yells at my pain to go away in my arm when I get the sudden bad pain in it . That gets me every time. Then he asks "is it better Mommy?" This is the stuff I wish the comp judge could see and hear for himself. Bless his heart he tries to be careful of my "bad arm" . He wishes I was better so I could play with him more. My 17 year old gets angry at the people causing me all this grief . He has been lucky in a way he had me "normal" most of his life. I'm thankful for both of them. I would have given up long ago if I didn't have them and a very close friend too.
I agree about the comp docs 100%. I had two other specialists saythat they could not offer a "surgical answer" that I should seek pain management. The comp doc is the only one who said I'm fine and can go back to full duty. My previous job was very physical , not sure if I can say here or not. If I told you would really understand what I am talking about. My doc said I am not allowed to go back to doing it . That I need to find a sedentary job with minimal arm use. LOL Still trying to figure that one out. I pay big time just writing here but it is important to me to talk about all of this. I have been trying to think of some way I can still do some of the things I love doing but no luck yet.
If you don't mind me asking how did you end up with the back problems and how long have you been dealing with MS ? Hubby has an aunt that has had it more than 30 years now. Se keeps plugging along and is still walking . She is the sweetest little thing. With what she has I think she is doing remarkably well. Little lady has alot of strength and faith. You two are alot alike. Seems you have alot of strength too. I admire that. I appreciate the help and kindness Toni. I had better go. the little guy needs me. Take care of yourself. Hope you have a great day today.


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