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Re: Nueropathy
Aug 4, 2006
lady D,while i can understand your concerns over this new finding,it really may not be as bad as what you may best guess here is that while you do appear to have that 'latency' within a nevre,all that really means is that something is either partially blocking that nerve signal(and this could be from many different causes)or it may have sustained some sort of damage from either your surgery or just the DDD within your spine.I am assuming this was found during an EMG nerve condution study?

this appears to have effected your motor nerve and not the sensory.I have latencys in my legs and mostly my left hand from spinal cord damage due to a surgery that had to be done on the inside of my I know wht you are feeling.

could there possibly be a cause for the nerve problem from your low spine where you had that surgery?did they damage any nerves during that,was this "felt'(the gait and falling issues?)right after the surgery or shortly thereafter or did this have a much later onset? when was the last time you had an MRI done on the low back?this would maybe show some sort of actual impingement of the nerves.and that alone could be responsible for the delay in the signal.was this just one abnormal signal going on or were there more abnormal findings?do you have a copy of that EMG report?if not get one,along with all of your other medical really DO need to have your own copies of all of your records from every doc who has seen you to test result reports and surgical op notes and records from any hospital stays.believe me,just going thru all of mine was a real eye opener and revealed alot of info about my many medical issues that I was never ever told by some of my docs.this is just a freat way of really knowing whats going on with regards to your ongoing treatment and conditions and the docs actual clinic notes alone are worrth getting the records as they do reveal alot about whhat any given doc is really yhinking regarding your overall conditions.

neuropathy in itself really does suck and do feel for ya there.i aquired two lovely rather excruciating neuro pain syndromes from my spinal cord is central pain and the other is RSD.they both can be absolute torture at times.are you seeing a good pain management doc for treatment or some other type of doc?a good PM is priceless,at least it has been for me and actually gave me the ability at least to have some good quality of life. just something to look into.

I have whats called 'delay with overshoot"?my pain or nerve signals can take up to two full days to reach the pain receptors in my brain sometimes.I recently tore the meniscus in my RSD knee and it actually didn't hit me till two full nights later while i was sound asleep in my bed and all of the sudden around two am,bam ,it finally hit,the pain was hidious really.just showing you how totally off the wall the nerves can be when they have been affected in some ways.

you really do need to find out just what is causing your actual could be a deterioration or something that can be recifiied in some way.there are also parts of the spinal cord that if they happened to damage that can cause the ataxia you appear to be having with your legs.i completley lost one of the nerves that went to my legs during my surgery and now have some of the issues you are dealing with but also,part of my problem is due to spinocerebellar tract damage within my cord,this tract governes your priperception?this is your ability to really know where all of your body parts are within relation to space?like if you close your eyes while lying down,can you actually tell where your legs are without moving them?this would indicate an affecton your prio if you cannot.and possible affectation of the cerebellar tract in your cord.this particular tract sits rather close to the outside wall of your cord more to the left but can easily also be compressed.just some thoughts.i do hope things wont continue to may need to start using a walker if the falls continue,i know how mmuch that would suck.i am 45 years old and have to use one when things get kind of bad.i feel like a little old lady sometinmes,but it does keep me from falling and possibly causing even more damage that I really don't need right now ya know? just something to think about,at least while you are around the house and out in the yard anyways.take care,Marcia

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