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The one thing that alot of people don't know about this test is that it will only pick up actual damage to nerves not things like intermittant compression caused by like bone spurs or even herniations,just actual damage,so you can have all kinds of pain and symptoms of what appears to be actual dmage but it would not actually show up on this particualr test.

my very first EMG showed absolutley no problems what so ever despite the horrid pain i was having in my neck and upper back,along with intermittant tingling and numbness in two fingers from a herniated c 6-7.but the MRI was a whole different story,this did show the problem.this test is used only to see if there has been any sort of permanent damge to a given nerve or if something is actually fully or partially compressing it.this would show up as a "latency" in the nerve signal from the point where the needle goes in in the time it takes that pain signal to go from the point of contact to the brain and back again,thats all.just because this test came back 'normal" really means nothing more than no actual permanent damage or compression on a nerve that was tested.thats it pretty much.luckily we have things like MRI to show real actual issues that can be wrong in the spine.Marcia

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