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Ok.. quick background. I've have been having some issues with poor circulation, or so I'd guessed. The big toe on my right foot has been half "asleep" for about 2 years now, and sometimes the sensation spreads throughout that foot (mostly at night, when I sometimes get severe itching). Also, I have been having similar issues with my left arm for quite some time- years, actually. It falls asleep without my even laying on it. And the sensation sometimes spreads to the upper middle part of my back, where I get this burning, tingling sensation on my shoulder blade. Thanksgiving of 2000, I actually woke up and I couldn't use that arm at all. I was in a lot of pain, and I didn't get full use of the arm back for probably well over a month. I have no idea what happened. Maybe I laid on it wrong? There are some other wierd things I've been experiencing (chest pains for quite some time. At one point, bad enough to go to the ER). And more recently, constant cramping of my left outer thigh muscle. It's been going on for a few months now, and nothing seems to relieve it. So I figured I would once again see if somebody was willing to help me out- the last time I went to a doctor about these problems was just before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, back in August of '01. I've always got MS in the back of my mind (as my mother was diagnosed about the same age I am now), but who knows what it could be.. many things? One bizarre thing?

Anyway, so I was at the doctor's on Thursday and began describing my symptoms. She asked if I ever had sensitivity on the top of my scalp (I do), and some other stuff.. maybe general questions, but maybe to determine Neuropathy? So she told me that I *have* Neuropathy. She didn't really get into it, or explain it or anything. She did say she isn't sure if that is my only problem, or if perhaps there could be something else going on, like MS. She did test my blood sugar, because she said a lot of my symptoms could be explained by Diabetes. However, I was at 108, ruling that out. She put me on 300mg of Neurontin. I take 1 pill a day for 3 days, then after that, I take them twice a day. I'm going back in two weeks for a follow up.

Some of you mentioned some test that I guess "diagnosed" you with Neuropathy. is this a definitive test that my doctor should have given me? I looked up the definition of Neuro on the web, and basically it fits my symptoms (though I think it seems like a pretty general description for nerve problems?). Do you think from just what I've written, that she's probably correct? And if so, what tips can you give to me now that I've more or less been diagnosed? Re: exercise, diet, etc? thanks for your advice, in advance!

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