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I saw my neurologist today for my emg & nerve conduction test results. She said I have mononeuritis multiplex. The test showed that I have pernoneal motor nerve and tibial motor nerve demylation. One muscle in my left foot is already gone and I didn't even realize it. With it comes many things that can cause it. Previous test by my primary doc have ruled out MS,Lupus, RA, Lymes, Diabetes, Wegener's, AIDP. So now she is testing for Hep C, Hep A, antigens, antibodies, HIV, and cking my thyroid (which I am on meds for) looking for answers. The one thing she didn't mention today was the possiblity of ALSe is also sending me to a rheumotolgist. My symptoms have been coming on in different areas and different degree of tingling, numbness, loss of strength, muscle twitching and muscle spasms in areas for the last 9 years, (mostly on the left side of my body but some symptoms now showing up on the right). I have epstein-barr, chronic mono, herpes simplex II, fibromyalgia, and then some of the everyday stuff. I feel at times like I am going nuts, but then the docs diagnose something new. Has anyone else out there have the same type symptoms? If so, what were you told you have?

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