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My friend is off Paxil as it didn't bring much to the party
other than the zombie effect - which does reduce pain,
but not worth it. lol.

Acupuncture {w/ electrical current} was started, four
sessions already completed, one per week. Interesting,
a few parts of the upper leg that was numb for a long
time has come back to life, but very sensitive. Maybe
the electrical current is helping?

Exercise started 2 weeks ago, YMCA, 3-4 times per week in
the morning and 1 to 2 times per week swimming there at
night is the goal. Interesting, there is no pain the feet
once in the swimming pool. But once out of the pool, the
pain comes back.

To summarize so far.
Trying to recover from painful neuropathy in the feet
and legs caused by blocked arteries feeding blood
below the waist has been a very challenging journey to get
it to heal back to normal.

No thanks to the doctors who took months to figure out
the root cause of this problem even when they ignored
the patient who was telling them what was wrong, the docs didn't listen until the damage was done.

No thanks to the doctors who offer no recovery plan
so the patient and friends had to figure out a regimen
for recovery, if any is possible so late in the game.

Optimizing the pain meds, plus aggressive dietary supplements + acupuncture + exercise has smoothed out
the daily pain peaks.

Pain would be a number 7, then peak up to a number 9
in the afternoon after doing daily chores, etc.

Now the pain level seems to be a constant 7 all day
unless you did too much extracurricular activity, ie
like walking the mall for a couple hours doing shopping.

Blood sugar levels are in the normal range, down 100 points
from before the dietary regimen was started and insulin
consumption dropped alot, from 100 units a day to
no more than 35 units a day.

Statin drugs were removed from the regimen in favor of
alternative methods of cholesterol control. It's too early
to pass judgement, but it seems that the triglyceride levels
are down alot, from the 300 range to the 170 range. Remove
the statin drug from the regim did cause total cholesterol to
rise a bit, but I'm not worried right now. Also, the statin drug
did nothing for the HDL level and Trig levels.

We will double and triple the fish oils from 2 grams daily to
4 grams, then to 6 grams for a few months to see what can
be done.

Moral of this story. Take your own health into your own
hands. Do homework and fix yourself, because if not you,
who will ?

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