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Aug 11, 2006
Thought that I would drop a line and give some information on diseases that a GP would probably not check for. MGUS (MONOCLONAL Gammopathy of UNDETERMINED SIGNIFICANCE) This is a foreign protein the the blood that is produced in the bone marrow. It can happen in greater frequency in individuals over 50 and really has no cure. Some people have undertaken chemotherapy and plasmadialysis with some success. It does produce neuropathy as the protein can attach any organ but does seem to have an affinity for the nerves. Generally a good neurologist with run blood test for immuglobulins and find if there is a protein which would be connected to this disorder. There are other disorders that can produce neurologic pain.

There are a few:
LOW LEVELS OF VITAMIN D Older individuals (over 50) seem to need more that younger individuals. There are studies showing increased does of this vitamin has with certain individuals improved the symptoms
LOW COPPER AND SELENIUM LEVELS Both if in low levels can produce neuropathy.

This are just a few. Next time you are at your Doctor mention the immunoglobulin assays Most importantly the IGM and IGG.
Re: Mgus
Aug 11, 2006
[QUOTE=hunter1042] Next time you are at your Doctor mention the immunoglobulin assays Most importantly the IGM and IGG.[/QUOTE]
Yeah i've mention that a few times on here as the most common auto immune neuropathy with IgG is CIDP or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating PolyNeuropathy. This is mainly a motor neuropathy although there is some numbness with it as with MMN or MutiFocalMotor Neuropathy.These auto immunes are the result of the T-cells attacking the myelin sheaths in the spinal cord and causing weakness.(high protein count in spinal fluid) But most people on these neuropathy threads here have pain/numbness more than weakness so the info you give on IgG is appreciated but most here probably are not affected by autoimmunity and the treatment for this is ''IVIG'' would not help most on here by reading their symptoms......

Let me add in rare cases when people get immunized (tetnus,influenza) then the immune goes on hyper attack known as GBS or Guillain Barre Syndrome and puts people in the hospital and either clears up in about 2 or 3 days or becomes chronic long term CIDP....

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