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Hi Susan,
I just had to drop a quick note. You know how you never should say "what next?" . Well I found out why.LOL. You probably read that my husband does have cancer. He has actually been calm and very ok with everything. Which throws me in a big way. Anyway today I talked to my sister and she told me my stepmother wanted to talk to me about my father. he has been having chest pain and night sweats ect(started after his Mom passed away a few years ago), much like a panic attack possibly but he is 65 friday so you really never know what it could be. I'm estranged from my father for the past 5 years. To add to this news I get a call about 10:30 tonight from my sister in Texas, she and my brother can't reach my Mom. She lives a few blocks from me. They said her phone just rings, I told them to call her cell because she was on the PC if her phone rings like that. Come to find out yesterday my stepfather ,a long haul truck driver,had fallen several times yesterday and was in NY state somewhere. He had clots in his legs . He has diabetes, emphyzema and other problems too. Doc won't agree to put him on disability.Now she will have to.My sister didn't know anymore than that. I gave her my Mom's cell and told her to call me and let me know what was up. No calls yet. Mom hadn't called in a few days. I figured she was cooling down from being mad at me. I don't know how much more I can deal with. I'm calling about the antidepressants tomorrow. I'll let you know more later. I'm beat and feeling numb. I appreciate you caring and listening to me. I'm doing this a day at a time. I figure hubby is just nice cause he's scared to death to be alone right now. I hope you are taking care of yourself and feeling better.:)

All the best , Sherri :wave:

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