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[QUOTE=numbtoes]I have been taking 2 Benfotiamine per day for 2 weeks. I believe that there is a probability that thiamine and B2,5, and 6 will help neuro function. Now, as to whether neuropathy can be reversed--that is the question. If I see an improvement, I will tell everyone!!!:blob_fire[/QUOTE]

Neuropathy can be reversed, i should know have done it myself.
It all depends on what is causing the destruction of the nerves, as i mentioned in Alcholic neuropathy, same as the other over 200 [known] reasons for neuropathy.
I do believe that the family of B vitamins do help, especially b12 methylcobalamin, cynocobalamin is still affective if you can't get methyl, many will disagree with cyno but thats all i used and some shots of hydroxocobablamin.
Finding the cause is the answer whether neuropathy can be reversed.
I had small nerve damage and some large as well, the cause was prediabetes, picked up with a 3 hour glucose tolerance test.
When i was first affected with this disease, i went from one doctor to another all of them give a differant diagnoses, some i am sure thought i was a nut case because my feet looked pink and healthy.
One professor of neuroligy give me a nerve conduction test and quoted that i did not have any signs of peripheral neuropathy, what an idiot, small nerve damage cannot be measured with NC test only large nerve.
To cut a long story short, i found a neuro that was an expert in neuropathy, he found the cause in the very first visit [ after blood testss] i cut out all high sugary carbs and supplemented with Vitamin B complex and a b12 and vit C,
good luck, i hope you find the cause. :)

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