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[COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="3"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][I]snowmelts...:wave: hi I am roboronnie. Nice to meet you. I joined here in February, the HealthBoards, anyway. I don't recall whether or not I found the neuropathy forum but if I did, I don't remember that at all.

Anyway, it seems there is quite a bit of activity:dizzy: , which is exciting to me. I suffer from severe PN and it is difficult for me to find a support group from those that understand the pain that comes with this disease. I have a wonderful family but my mom is the only one that really close; she has lived with me for 3 years since my DH died in 2003. My sisters, one lives in the next town from me and is here with just a call. My other sister lives in Georgia. All my immediate friends that I had from work or from my hubby have all but disappeared and my best friend who lived next door moved in December and is now in SC.

So, you can see why this was a bright light, finding this forum. I do have another forum that is mainly fluff stuff that keeps me very busy which I enjoy. But like I said, FLUFF.

My question to you is what is ISAPN? Why is it so specific? I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with PN. It started out as just an aggravation in my toes then to feet not feet and hands. It is very severe. My meds at this point, from the doctors points of view, at the moment are at the maximum doses and I need more relief. I have a spinal cord stimulator for my feet. It helps. I can't walk without shoes at all. I am in constant pain. My window of pain is 5-6 hours but my meds are limited to 10-12 because of the doses and I have worked out what is most comfortable to me but the docs don't want me to take that dose. One (both now) want me to see a psych and the other has me seeing the neurologist that DX me on the 14th. I don't know what's going to happen.

If my world were perfect, med-wise, I would be taking Lexapro in the AM, Amytriptiline at PM, Neurontin1200mg every 5-6 hours with two Darvocet 100/650. I also take meds for hypothryroid, muscle spasms, blood pressure/cholesterol/triglycerides (because of hypo) plus Amaryl and Gluchophage for diabetes. So, I am a mess.

I am having a really hard time now. Sometimes, the only way to not feel the pain is to sleep. I have to take meds either extra amytriptiline or Trazadone. I am near my wits end. My doc is worried; hence, the appointment with the neurologist.

Do you get your med regimine from your neurologist or a pain management specialist or your internist/family doc? My mom wants me to try acupuncture. $80 a pop for a minimum of 5 visits. My primary doc does acupuncture but of course, Medicare doesn't cover it. Mom is willing to pay; and believe me, she is 69 years old and still working mostly because of me. I don't want her to lay out that kind of money .. I don't know if it will work. I read one thread where I think it was you that had this procedure and it didn't help...if not acupuncture then some other such procedure.

I know:dizzy: this is a lot. I've waited a long time to find a place to unleash. Folks that understand.

TIA for any advice or info.....roboronnie[/I][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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