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Hello to all i am new here. I am hopeing not to write a book but i think it will wind up being that anyway:) .

I just turned 33 and just had my 4th child. I have Grave's Disease(a type of Hyperthyroidism) and am currently in remission from it without being on any medications.

I first noticed this hot tingling/crawling feeling in my face starting at my ears and down my cheeks to my chin to my neck back in Jan 2005. Now just a little timeline here

11/28/00 Had flu for the 1st time
2/01 Heart palpitations went to dr. was told I had Grave's Disease (tsh level 0.03)
Went on medication,propylthioricil(PTU) to put tsh level back to normal and be able to get pregnant.
10/01 TSH level normal and therefore considered in remission
5/02 Got pregnant with #2 child
Went off (ptu) and was still in remission
2/03 Had #2 child
12/03 Got pregnant with #3 child Still in remission
8/04 Had #3 child
12/31/04-1/1/05 wound up with Rotta Virus with son who at the time was almost 2years old.

Shortly after that I expierienced the feeling in my face for about a month untill I wound up having a "Thyroid Storm". Even though my Endocronologist says that the "storm" was due to my daughter being born (she was 6months old at the time when i went throught the storm) i didnt buy it becusae I thought the trigger was the Rotta virus. I thought this "feeling" in my face was due to the Thyroid storm that was coming. I had to go on my med's and the thyroid levels went back to normal and I had never felt that feeling in my again that I had had.

Went into remission with thyroid again and tappered off medicine and was in a full remission on my own by about 5/05.

While in remission for about 7months I got pregnant again
11/05 got pregnant with #4 child
During This pregnancy I felt weakness almost like a numbness in arms when i folded laundry but thought nothing of it. It was not painful just came quick and i put my arms down and it went away.

7/06 had #4 child
2 weeks later started feeling that hot tingling/crawling feeling in face again once a day real bad but never painfull, just annoying.
I have since had more per day but not as strong. Baby is now almost 8 weeks old.

Dr. says that it is Facial Neuropathy. and if i start getting pain to tell her. she said it seems like it is going away. I told her its the only two times i have ever had it.

She said that differnt things can trigger it. And thought the rotta virus triggered it last time and now the delivery of this baby triggered it this time. she wants me to have an MRI.

Now for the fun part; my sister has unexplained pain all over her body she is only just 34(we are 19months apart). She can barely walk and has numerous testing and mri's and other stuff as well. She has osteoarthritis and has many many discs in her back that are all screwed up. She doesnt have diabetes or RA she was tested for those. she is on lexapro and has been on many pain drugs and other stuff that didnt work.:(

She is upset that i didnt mention to dr. about the pain in my arms. i will tell dr. when i speak to her agian but i relaly didnt think it nessesary.

I also have this pain in my upper back that wont go away it has also been with me through the pregnancy but i just thought it was just a back issue. i have tried to massage it out but nothing happens its still there. i told dr. that and she didnt see any relation.
My sister thinks i shoudl go for a spine mri as well since i will be sitting there anyway for brain mri.

So what do you all think. does anyonehere know about facial nueropathy?

thank you for any help and info

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