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Who's experienced these and what's the cure?

I have NP and am on Lyrica, so I'm not sure what else to be on...
*but the burning feeling on the HEEL of my feet bothers.
*If it isn't that, it'd be my feet are on fire and have edema (swollen feet).
*IF it ain't that, then it's tingly feelings down my legs.
*If it ain't that the numb sensation on my chest/upper arm is occurring

*right now I have a bruise in the center of my chest as apparently my heart stopped and the Paramedics did a chest compression (this happened several days ago--can't remember as I was "out")*

I either have 1 problem going and it's either of those "listed" issues or they ALL are occurring at the same time.

Rarely do I have a time w/o any of those issues going on, but when I have a "break" of no problems...I am a happy camper.

But right now, my bottom of my heel feels burned. Yesterday it was worse and I spent the whole day asleep & in bed (felt ill & in pain, not just heel/sole of feet but abdominal *another issue*).

I do have pain meds, but they don't do anything for nerve pain. Lyrica is the only nerve pain meds I have. The others are Methadone & Dilaudid & Lidoderm Patch 5%

what can I do to help ease this burning sensation on my heel? Elevation ain't doing anything except keeping me from having edema *shrug*.


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