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What is wrong?
Sep 18, 2006
well this started 2 years ago when i would get squeezing pains in my chest and calves. i had a stress test and echo lately was good, but that was the beginning of it, i have gotten a horrible short terms memory and i feel so unclear with my thoughts, one time i forgot where the turning signal in my car was. i have shooting pains in my arms legs, and chest. and just last month i started getting these small areas on my palm that would turn cherry red and feel like i burned myself on something it would also get warm to the touch, now i get them on my shoulder where my arms connects. i have very weak feeling legs, hands, and arms and my hand actually hurt today like a cramping feeling in my hand and feet, it kinda hurts in my hands. the weakness in my arms/hands is enough to drive me crazy, i always have weird sensations in my head too. and also lately i been feeling like i have alot of saliva in my mouth that wont go away and sometimes when i talk i feel like its going to drip out and my jaw feels 'weird'. i just dont know what is wrong, i had a cat scan last month and it looks good. does anyone know wht could be wrong? would an mri or something else show if there are any problems? i am worried and my doctor said it is the cause of anxiety now that my cat scan is clear, i know i get anxiety but i is because i dont know what is wrong with me!! i have an appointment wednesday, what should i say to make him not blow me off like i'm a spaz case?

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