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In mid-July, I started to get numbness in my Right Pinkie. I contacted my neurologist (I have a movement disorder called Cervical dystonia that causing pulling/spasms in the neck muscles). I had an MRI done and an EMG to rule out ulnar neuropathy. Nothing significant was noted from either test. On the advice of my primary Dr, I also saw an orthopedic spine specialist. He felt that Cubital Tunnel or Thoracic outlet were the problem, while the primary and the physical therapist felt it stemmed from the neck. Here is what I can't get a straight answer to-they all seem to dance around this question-Is it possible to have a pinched nerve in the neck and it now show on MRI? my thinking is that when they do the MRI, your head is in a very controlled, still position that may not be a position that causes the problem. Is it possible that the pulling/spasm from the neuro disorder cause the head to pull to a certain spot that impinges on the nerve without that showing on MRI?? No one has given me a straight answer

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