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I believe I did something to me Ulnar nerve, though I'm not sure what. I did a yoga pose about 5 nights ago, and couldn't hold it, so I leaned on my left elbow. The next day, my two fingers were and still are numb, along with the inside and outside of my hand. I have no idea if the pressure on the elbow caused it, but is it possible? If not, is it possible for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome to start up like this very quickly, i.e. consistent numbness and lack of sensation in the ring and pinky fingers and the hand?

If so, since it's only 5 days after, what are my chances of recovery?? I'm terrified that my hand will never be the same now and every day from here on out, I will continue to lose sensation, and eventually strength.

I'm going to see a hand specialist on Wednesday.
One more thing, I tried doing a pushup, as I was doing them fine the day before, and it hurts my left hand, and shoots tingling sensations up my forearm. This is really scaring me, as I do not want to have permament damage to my hand/arm. I sleep with a towel around my arm and keep my arm as straight as i can during the day. I haven't lost any strength, as near as i can tell, so far.

Is it possible that it's just a pinched nerve? or is a pinched nerve the same thing as Cubital Tunnel Syndrome? I can't tell from what I've read online.
I have something of the same but its ALL the fingers on my right hand. I literally woke up with it over 2 months ago and it hasnt gone away. I cant even bend my hand properly now, and its my RIGHT hand and I am right handed. And typing is so hard. 2 months ago doc thought it was carpal tunnel, put my arm in a brace. Didnt help. Sent me to an orthpedic who put me through an EMG and nerve conduction...normal. Blood work. Normal. Cervical brachia plexus MRI normal... Bone scan. Normal...Sent me to a neuro who thinks the EMG was done way too early and wouldnt show anything. So will have that done next week again. And he wants to have an MRI of the brain done too just to rule out anything there... Also, I was on a course of steroids. Didnt help...Docs dont know what it is. I am afraid it will stay this way forever. No signs of going away at ALL. Gets worse in heat.

Your sounds like a sudden onset of cubital tunnel syndrome. Go to the doc and get an EMG done...

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