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Just wanted to pass this on to anyone who may want to give this a try for "cold feet" that sometimes goes along with neuropathy. My mom just thought of trying this. She rubs Vicks on her feet before she goes to bed and again in the morning if they are cold when she wakes up. She then puts on her socks and her feet are fine as far as cold goes. Anything's worth a try(: Nancy
I give it a try, but the burning feeling of Vicks might make it worse. For years a sock hurt. But for a couple weeks I have been sleeping with a loose sock on. Seems to help. Tell her.
A couple of years ago I had a fungus under one of my large toenails. I call it a fungus, but that's just my diagnosis; --I never saw a Dr. about it. But then someone mentioned to me about putting Vicks on the toe and under the nail every night until it would clear up, which I did every night for about 2 weeks. I would rub the Vicks in really good and then wear a white sock over it. I thought, "how ridiculous", but I couldn't see how it would hurt anything, so why not give it a try! I can't explain it because I don't understand the "how or why" of it, but it surely worked for me. The fungus (if that's what it was) has never come back, but if it ever does I will head right for that jar of Vicks again!!!
I tried this last winter and found that it did help that "cold feet" feeling. I'd rub on the Vicks and then put on a pair of socks before I went to bed. It was quite soothing.

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