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Hi everyone,
Just me Sherri K. I know it's been a long while since I wrote anyone. My life has been turned upside down since my last post. Lets' start with the big news first..... my husband found aout a month ago he has C2 Stage 3 colon cancer. He had his rescetion 2 and a half weks ago. They found he had 6 of 16 nodes positive for cancer. He had a port put in yesterday and we see cancer docs on thursday about chemo ect. He has been treating me and the kids better since the diagnosis. Guess it scared the bejesus out of him and he realizes what he has maybe. He told me yesterday that things would have fallen apart without me being here. That was a really nice thing to hear. All my focus has been on him and my boys.

I did go to my nuero finally after a few reschedulings... :( . It did not go well. As you remember maybe I have damage to my neck from an EMG that was done for my arm. Leaving me with headaches everyday for 19 months now. I also had a incidental finding os cervical spondylosis(arthritis pretty much) in about the same area as my neck mass from the EMG. Well this idiot walks in says his name and immediately starts tell ing me that it's "normal" to have "aches and pains" because I have a 41 year old neck with arthritis .... I asked him if he SAW THE MASS on my MRI ? I said I have a lump on my neck from the EMG damage. Then he looks at the back of my neck.....:mad: Then I had to repeat my story about how I got the damage and what it does to me every day. HE said he thinks it is a trigger point that won't resolve itself....That he has never seen damage like mine before from an EMG.... Gee I think I've heard that a time or two. He tells me that he sees no obvious nerve impingement . Then he says that my only options are to have a myelogram done or have a botox injection in the trigger point to see if it will relax the muscles. He says the myelogram is risky and may not even show anything more than they know. If they do find something it may not be fixable. So my pain doc is seeing about the botox. Takes a month to get it I guess because of the amount of it needed for a large muscle. Till then he is going to try the trigger point injections again next week cause all my muscles are so tight they are as hard as a bone in my shoulders. He is putting me on darvacet and cymbalta in a few weeks to see if it can help me feel better. He knows how stressed I am with my husband sick and dealing with everything. Pretty much everything is on me right now. We are only recieving half my husband's pay at the moment and things are extremely tight now. I need to make some money to help . Just trying to figure out how. The internet business seems to be one of my only options,something from home so I can still care for hubby. Chemo starts in a few weeks and he will need me here. I don't know where to start though.
One the plus side my boys are fine. My youngest is enjoying kindergarten alot. He is such a little sweety. He kisses my hand when we say bye in the morning so I don't miss him. My oldest is being a teenager. :( spending time with his best friend. I think he is more upset about his father being ill than he lets on. He watched both his grandparents(hubby's parents) die from cancer when he was the age my youngest is now. He loved his grandma very much and we all miss her alot still. All he has is my Mom and she isn't a grandma to him really. Never has anything nice to say and is negative all the time. Her and I had a falling out and haven't talked in over a month now. She doesn't care about my husband and wanted me to leave him because he was ill and I just couldn't do it. Turns out he has woke up and is better to all of us now.Not saying it will keep when he is better but I'll deal with that then.
So I'm stressed out of my mind most of the time and my pain has been bad. Not wanting to even leave the house if I don't HAVE to.Comp may be over with soon. The lawyer said the time is ripe for settling .It'd be awesome to have the comp idiots out of my life. My pain doc feels really bad because he hasn't been able to help me over this whole year I've seen him. He has tried valiently and I told him that. I couldn't ask for a better more caring doctor than he has been to me. I'm hoping to take some time and catch up with everyone here's posts. I spend alot of time in the colon cancer threads now because of hubby's health. I hope everyone is taking great care of themselves. I've missed hearing from you all here.

Love and hugs, Sherri

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