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My mom's cause of neuropathy is of the unknown kind. She is not diabetic and all other blood work is normal. She does know that some of her numbness is from 6 cycles of chemo she had earlier this year for ovarian cancer that thank GOD was detected in a very early stage. It had not gone anywhere else in her body, so chemo was just for added insurance after her surgery. I do beleive that accupunture is helping her. She says she is starting to feel different sensations that she hadn't felt before her numbness. As far as the herbs, the Dr. personally makes an herbal tea that is made with herbs that he feels would be most helpful for her. That's what so different and about this way of treating, because the treatment is individual for each patient, not a standard Rx for everyone. Yes, my mom did take Neurotonin but she said it made her feel worse than the chemo treatments did as far as making her feel out of it. With accupunture and herbs, she has so much energy that I have to keep up with her! Keep in touch, and good luck if you give it a try. Like my mom says, if it doesn't seem to help her completely, atleast she gave it her best "shot". No pun intended!
I was reading in cyberspace about 'chemo induced peripheral neuropathy'. You may find some other dietary supplements that many help.
Do you know what vitamins and the doses that people are using? I would really appreciate that information. If the neuropathy is from chemo it's repairable if you do something soon enough. Thanks jbird

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