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Hi Everyone, I hope you wouldn’t mind my lengthy post as I’m getting extremely worried and anxious with what’s going on with me.

I’m 38 y.o. male and it all started 10 weeks ago… all of a sudden I had a mild headache at the back of my head and few hours later I started feeling dizzy, not violently but just dizzy and nauseous. Initially I thought it would go away but it didn’t so in a couple of days I went to see a GP. GP said I had a tension headache. 4 days later – constant tinnitus (high pitch) in left ear appeared - another visit to GP. GP said I had a viral infection of the inner ear but it would go away. I had a general blood test done and the GP said it was OK. I started getting panic attacks, became anxious, agitated and claustrophobic.
My other symptoms were: crackling sound in left ear when I swallow, sometimes I had sense of fullness in that ear as well, tightness and tingling on the left side of my face and burning sensation of the face.

A couple of days later I completely freaked out and called a hospital to see if I could see a neurologist. Few days later I had an appointment where I was briefly checked, told that it seemed to be OK but sent “just in case” to have an MRI of brain and audio meatus done. Nothing was found, I was told that the problem was probably labyrinthitis compounded with nervous exhaustion and it would go away. I calmed down a bit. At the same time my GP decided to refer me to an ENT consultant who also told me that there wasn’t anything to worry about but still sent me to do hearing tests, tympanometry and calorics tests (which came back OK).

Meanwhile tingling in my face became lighter but I now feel constant heaviness and tightness on the left side of my face (particularly around cheekbone). Light-headedness, tinnitus and crackling in the left ear remain.

About 4 weeks ago I developed some tingling and buzzing in my left arm and leg but it changes all the time. Main symptoms:
Tingling, pins and needles, buzzing, fizzing in the left arm and leg.
Numbness and burning sensation in the left hand and foot (this is in particular in little fingers and the back part of the left hand and the left heel).
Could happen in the right hand and leg as well.
Some weakness in arms and legs.
Noticed mild twitching and some jerking (contracting) in small areas of muscles (fasciculations?).
Mild vibration in my arm
Worse during night.
On the left leg sometime I feel as if I wear a tight sock
Mild ache in knees (feels like before the weather change)
Poor appetite
Frequently wake up during sleep
I had a follow-up appt with the neurologist who again said that the problem was related to the viral infection of the inner ear but my ENT surgeon didn’t agree with it. He said he didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me and he also questioned the “viral infection” dx.

Now I’m extremely worried that what I’m going through might be first symptoms of MS or other neuro problems. Is there any ground for my worries?

Many thanks in advance.


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