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TN or MS?
Dec 16, 2006

i have been dealing with this weird headache like type pain for abour 15 years. In the past 6 years its really gotten worse. its a horrendous stabbing burning pain to the side of my head that goes into my eye. the left side tends to get a weird numbness (but its not numb) feeling in it before the pain starts.

Now ive researched Trigeminal Neuralgia and thats the only way i can describe the pain. I was never able to get an MRI for years due to no insurance and at the time i was living in PA and they were $2200.00. Now that im in NY i finally got insurance and had one which came back abnormal.

The dr mentioned MS to me and is sending me to a neurologist next tuesday. Ive began jotting things down on paper so i dont forget to mention some things to him especially TN but my main question is i have read that TN is associated with can also just have TN and i read where it seems to mimic MS as in showing up on a MRI as abnormal signals getting sent to the brain.

when they did a cervical mri they found a herniated disc and the neurosurgeon did a series of tests on me to make sure i have no numbess or reflex troubles and everything was fine. Then came the head MRI.

Wouldnt you think if i had this headpain for somany years and actually had MS that other kind of symptoms would show also? atleast something? i know MS can hide and show no symptoms but ive read most people knew they had it due to loss of vision in one eye or limb numbness. Headaches are the least common symptom of MS but then again im not dealing with a headache. its worse. i cant take it anymore. thankfully i got put on nerve pain med because a year ago i described it to the dr as a nerve feeling and he didnt even want to give me the med without an MRI but i was begging for something to stop the pain. The lyrica keeps them from happening everyday and now only about once a week i get one.

Its now to the point where i cant blow my nose without excrutiating pain shooting through the side of my head.
I guess im just looking for peace of mind until i see the other dr. I read where if a person develops TN due to having MS then it means that they have the advanced stage of MS. if i was in advanced stages of MS with no meds wouldnt i know it?
please any info would be greatly appreciated.

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