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Some vitamins you can't get too much of, such as VitC, B-1 & B-12, any you can't take up in your system is merely eliminated. B-6 and a few others tho can cause problems.

Many metabolic tests assess how much of certain vitamins are IN YOUR blood system...This doesn't mean that you are asorbing them INTO the rest of you tho. The only true tests of how your body is USING these components is thru biopsies and that's not usually done unless something really critical is going on. I for one, don't want to volunteer for the biopsy route.

So, you can have good numbers for the 'B's' in blood tests, and not really have good numbers in terms of what is actually used. B-6 can, in large doses cause or aggravate neuropathy. You have to read the labels on all your meds and supplements and learn what the norms are and for those such as B-6 avoid going over the max daily requirements.

Can I assume you were taking a super B-complex to help you heal? And that things aren't going quite as planned? Take a good look at each vitamin and learn which ones don't build up any toxic effects, and maybe start getting the vitamins that are good without the less good ones each on their own and start a pick-and choose combo? Don't forget to take a good hard look at your meds as well to see if there are any s/e's not put out up front...some meds for one condition can work against other meds for a different condition. If you find any questions in comparing, call the 800 #'s that's what they are there for. Docs cannot keep up with all the quirks of meds, vitamins and all their side effects. Nor can pharmacists. They are pretty busy trying to treat you and others and don't have the time to keep up. Just be alert that if you call an 800#, you will probably be on hold for a bit....try and keep meds list and primary issue short...
As for B-12 for nerves & nerve regeneration, well, many more mere people/patients swear by it than not...just be sure to use the 'methyl'B, not the 'cyano'B as it's more asorbable.

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