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Im 33
Im male
I am a diabetic
I also a bi-latteral amputtee( from a fire not from being a diabetic )
My sugars have been is 80-100 since i found out I was diabete for my morning test. ( was only told to check in the morning )
I'm type 2
Ive only been a Diabetic for about a year.
For the 1st 7-8 months I was on metformin 500mg 2x a day
For the last 2-3 months Ive been on Actos 15mg once a day

My Symptoms:
1: Im weak in both my arms and legs. Its just a effert(sp) to do anything
2: Most of my body is numb( numb/tingling/warm ) Both legs from the stump up, arms, chest, back, privite part and my head/face - so about 80% of my body.
3: My tongue is swore and when I eat/drink anything cold/hot its has a burning sensation
4: A headache that wont go away. It more of pressure headache. Like a vice grip is on both my temples and being puch together.
5: A feeliing like Im in a fog
6: Constant upper abdominal "noises" Like like bubbling
7: Gas(Burping)
8: Left eye is irritated and my sight isnt right.. but cant put my finger whats wrong there.

All my symptoms have show up in the last week or 2.

Also what is a normal B12 level and what is low?

Since im not sure what board to post im posting on Nutritional Disorders and Neuropathy boards. If this isnt allows im sorry.

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