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hi everybody,

my first post here, although i have been lurking for a wee while :)

i can see that some people have symptoms very similar to mine, but still, not quite the same. so far, i have only seen my local doctor (GP) who tested for diabetes, dehydration and anaemia - all results were normal. she wanted to refer me to a neurologist because i have so many symptoms, but after inspecting my stomach and checking reflexes in stomach and knees(non-responsive) she decided to refer me to a general surgeon at a local hospital. that worried me a bit. the fact that she changed her mind after examining my stomach. apparently i will get an appointment with a general surgeon quicker than i would a neurologist. still, it could take weeks or even months. because of problems with my ears or really, moreso my right ear, she checked my ears too - no sign of any problems or infection.

i have a terrible bad back - pain in the lower back. but more recently up the spine and across the shoulders too, particularly the right shoulder.
headaches almost daily. dizziness too. odd headaches, pains all over, so no specific area. they are worse after lying down. i often get them when waking up. sometimes nausea too. that doesn't bother me as it will do me good to lose some weight ;)

pain behind my ears. i've had ticking in my ears and that ringing in my right ear. when sleeping this weekend, i woke up with a sore ear - the outer ear! it was red too. and my right eye was a bit swollen with a dark circle around it, almost looked like a black eye. i felt terrible the whole day - very sleepy.
my left arm goes numb lots, probably carpell tunnel (spelling?). probably a few times each hour. i'm used to that now as it was one of the the first symptoms.
i get burning pains, shooting pains and dull pains almost everywhere except my feet. mostly left arm and left leg, hip, abdomen and back - very occasionally on the right side. i also get muscle twitches everywhere except for my feet. it feels very wierd when they are around the kidney and abdomen area - not unlike being pregnant with a tiny foot kicking me from inside :)

i have had my right ear "pop" then numbness followed down the right side of my face. it took about 4 hours to wear off. when this happened, i was bending down to put my shoes on - when i lifted my head, i had double vision for about one minute only, but found that really scary! :(

i think what worries me most is my stomach. it is bloated and i'm sure i can feel a hard mass in the middle of my abdomen - just above the naval. i also think my doctor felt it when examining me. but i was too much of a coward to ask. she asked if i had indigestion, which i have had for a few years now and take antacids daily. the skin from my breasts down to my navel is numb. the numbness seems to be spreading.
again this evening, i have had a numb right ear with the cold feeling and it spread down my neck and onto my right shoulder. when i get the coldness in my left arm, well, it's more like shivering only i don't physically "shudder" as you would normally do, but all the hairs on my arm are raised as if i really were cold.

what really gets me down is not the twitching, numbness and pain, but the fatigue. it's very odd. i have good days and bad days. on a bad day, i'm just so overwhelmed with tiredness, i have to lay down to sleep. other days i'm running around after my kids as usual, with no fatigue.
i have done a fair bit of reading online and the majority of my symptoms point to focal neuropathy. i exclude some other types because i don't have any problems with my feet. apparently the cause is undiagnosed diabetes. but i had a test for diabetes just before christmas and it was clear.

being on antacids - i believe can cause some of these symptoms by altering the level of B12 - just not sure if all. or, maybe i'm not looking at one thing wrong with me, but several smaller things :confused:

i'm not looking for a diagnosis, but would really appreciate hearing from anyone with some knowledge of these symptoms so that perhaps i can research a bit more. i am the type that likes to know what i'm facing and i guess, a little impatient to wait to for my hospital appointment.

thanks very much to anyone who takes the time to read my epic! i feel a bit better already just to get this off my chest :)

gina xxx

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