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[QUOTE=forthemasses;2779153]Dear TERRA157,

Thank you for responding.

Both my legs at times will go numb, to varing degrees. I have pain in the upper middle part of my left thigh. My left leg range of motion is considerably less than the right (although the right leg also has range of motion difficulties).
Nerve test shows L4-L5 and L5-S1 radiculopathy, respectively.
Take care
God Bless

If the MRI really doesn't show any bulge or herniation, this sounds like you have a [B]nerve entrapment, stretch at the nerve root or compression going on with the Fem. nerve[/B]. With the ROM of the legs, at the hip, the injury would seem to be at that level or at the nerve root.
The questions to ask yourself are, have I had a twisting type fall or misstep just prior to this, a fall, or did I wake up one morning from a night of partying (LOL!) and have a bit of discomfort. Work out too hard at the gym even and have discomfort soon after. The femoral nerve comes off the spinal cord just around the area of the last rib, is slightly embedded in the psoas muscle, travels through the pelvis, sending off ennervating branches to the hip joint and on down to move under the inguinal ligament and on down the leg. If you have no pain really except in the thigh (I mean back pain) I would think you have damaged the nerve by what I mentioned above. You might do a google on nerve entrapment and nerve root disorders.

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