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Hello all....this is my first post here....but wanted to ask if anyone here by chance have ever had a nerve damaged by having a myelogram and the needle injuring a nerve?
Here is what has happened to me. I was referred to surgeon for a level 2 cervical discectomy with fusion. But first..he wanted a myelogram...on my upper neck and then on lower back.
I went to have the myelogram. Knew I was in trouble when I found out they were not giving me anything to mildly sedate me. I have had a myelogram several years before this...and they gave me something that mildly sedated me...didn't knock me out...but just relaxed me and I felt no pain at all and came home and had no problems at all.
I went ahead though with the procedure. I laid there waiting for the needle stick...and he started sticking it and kept on for a few more times. I was in horrific pain....then all of a sudden...what felt like a bolt of lightning struck my right buttocks and went all the way down my leg....even made my leg jump off of the table and nurse caught the leg. Their explanation was..."we have found the right spot"!
Came home and started getting worse. Each day was worse. I was in so much pain..could not even sit up. Finally was taken to E.R. which was no big help. But anyway...I got better and was finally able to take a bath. Got into the tub and there is where I noticed that my right lower leg and foot were numb. Then as I started walking around....I noticed how my foot was not working like it should. The right foot would just flop down when I would place it back down.
Went back for follow-up with surgeon..and told him about my leg and foot...and he automatically knew what was wrong. He admitted without hesitation that they had struck a nerve. He had me to try to stand on my heels...and I could with the left foot...but the right would just flop down on floor. Well..he also informed that that I not only needed a discectomy with fusion in the neck..but in the lower back also and he told me that when he did the back surgery...there was something he could do to try to fix the nerve damage.
Already had the discectomy with fusion in neck on 12/05/06. Everything went well with that. But my lower leg and foot has gotten worse. He has me on lyrica to see if it would help any before the back surgery.
My problem is that I have foot drop and sometimes when I walk now..the foot will not move and I have almost fell a couple of time. I have to raise it differently than the other foot. It seems to go to sleep everytime I sit down for a short time and that even causes more problems. But for the last few's driving me crazy because it feels like I have been outside walking in a big snow and it has gotten so cold that it is burning. It's actually cold to touch..but the burning feeling is just the way it feels. This feeling causes the toes to throb so much they feel like they are going to explode.
Sorry so long but was just wanting to see if anyone else has experienced anything like this and if so....did you have surgery to try to fix it.
I am just hoping that the nerve cell itself was not killed. Also..does anyone know exactly what the surgeon does to actually help this problem...I have had so many other things going on that I didn't even think to ask him myself but will when I go back this month.
I can't believe this person would keep on sticking me with a needle that many times if he was having that hard of a time getting into the spinal canal. My husband counted at least 4 holes in my back. Needless to say..I will NEVER Go back to that facility for a myelogram. mfm54

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