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Hello Matt -

My experience is not as extreme as yours, but I'll throw in my 2 cents worth if it helps. I did not have so much pain as I did lack of sensation and loss of muscle/motor skills in the ulnar side of my left hand. It wouldn't have bothered me so much if I wasn't left-handed. Mine progressed for about 6 months while I tried conservative treatments (splints, elbow pads, change of desk/keyboard positioning, etc). My EMG showed slowing in the signals from the ulnar nerve. We did an MRI to rule out any C8 radiculopathy - no problem there. My primary care doctor, the neurologist and the neurosurgeon all figured the nerve was compressed at the cubital tunnel because of leaning on my elbow at my desk. When nothing conservative helped, we decided to go ahead with surgery. I had subcutaneous ulnar nerve transposition surgery done 3 weeks ago. When the surgeon got in there, he found that the nerve was not compessed at the elbow, but rather in 2 other places (between the bicep and tricep muscles and also where the flexor carpi muscles split). The compression was caused by thickening of the fascial bands - nothing that would have shown up on any xray or MRI and could not be pinpointed on the EMG. I can't yet say if the surgery was a success because there is still considerable numbness and tingling along the arm and into the hand at this point..........they tell me it will decrease over time...........but we all know how slowly nerves regenerate.

Best wishes with your situation.

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