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Actually one doc for me thinks I have tts. I got a nerve block shot and have another one coming. I'm still going under so many tests and have an mri on sat of my spine and brain along with a doppler study. I'm not getting better actually worse. I'm still in bed and in such pain the worst of my life. I just got a persrciption for vicatin. Anyhow they switched my med to cymbalta any experience? I don't know how these tests are not showing as I can barely stand the pain and its been 2 months of mostly bed other then apt. I'm fustrated,scared, and in such pain.
Yes I have been on the same drugs and have had similar experiences with them. Neurontin gave me tingling in my head. I was on massive doses of Lyrica and that was bad too. Do you have any redness, discoloration, or extreme burning? I had three operations for an ulnar nerve neuropathy for my right arm. The pathologists found evidence of a neuroma ( I guess damaged or deadened nerve tissue ) I still have pain but now it is in the foot on the inner side and in my knee- it totally skips the calf area though- this stuff is so weird huh...Have they mentioned Cymbalta? Someone asked me about that was it you? I am sorry I really think the nerves in my brain are affected as well lol...wish you luck
just was on and off cymbalta..made me very careful with the anti-depressants if youre not mentally ill. just a warning- i know it works amazingly well for some..but for me it was exceeeedingly dangerous!

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