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the biggest thing you really need to know for certain is just where the ulnar nerve is actually being compromised this stemming from you c spine or some other issue along the nerve itself?the ulnar is actually your c 8 nerve at the very end of the cervical spine right before the thorasic vertebrae have no actual c 8 vertebrae but you DO have the c 8 nerve.have you ever had an MRI done on your c spine?i have actual spinal cord injurys right AT the c 8 nerve level and i can tell you,it has caused me major major shoulder blade is constantly inflamming all of the muscles in that area,but it is stemming from my c 8 area in my spine.if you have not actually had an MRI done on your c spine,it really does need to be done.this could be the culprit for your ulnar nerve really DO need to find out just what is compromising that nerve.good luck and please keep me posted,marcia
Have any of you been going to Physical Therapy with specific exercises to try and help the nerve. I've had some arm/ulnar pain as well lately, I'm hopeing its all muscle related, but part of me wonders if more is going on, perhaps in the T-Spine. The physical therapy, particually the exercises that help stretch out the muscles and the nerve seems to help, but at the same time my muscles don't want to let up so that is why I wonder if more is going on than what meets the eye sometimes, hopefully all I need is more patients. Surgeon said everything was good as far as the C-spine goes from the films.

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