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The thing is PD,anytime the c spine or the upper t gets inflammed at all,which is a pretty constant thing for me,it will create muscle problems.i have been dealing with this nightmare in my upper back and neck,with a really horrid gnawing painsation(my new word)directly under,not below,underneath my shoulder blade for many many just got much worse after my spinal cord surgery and then the non stop deterioration of my c spine.all that inflammation just keeps sending out signals to the muscles.its a viscous cycle.trigger points,shiatzu massager(got one for christmas last year,LOVE it) and taking a tennis ball inside a sock and placing it between my upper back and a sturdy wall so i can try and pop the trigger point wads are really the only ways i have been able to deal with this crap.

i DID however just see my doc for an Rx to go back to whole neck from the base of my skull on down thru the shoulder blade and over to the R bicep are like one huge tight wad now.i have to try PT just to see if they can relax this area for me again.its gotten way out of hand now and beyond even strong muscle relaxers and anything else i had been trying.but that one area under that shoulder blade is absolutely hidious.the sensations combined with that pain are just sending things way over the top now.but since that particular area is the same spot i had this same painsation but at a much higher level right before the cavernoma was removed,i am thinking this is going to be a constant thing just from the damage caused by having it removed,or most of it anyways.But i will keep ya posted on how the actual PT does for me.if it can help with this ongong upper back nightmare,it would probably be worth a definite shot for anyone else who is dealing with this crap too.Marcia

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