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I'm on 1200mg of Neurontin, I take 3 times a day also. I have RSD from a doc hit my nerves during radio frequency. I have intense nerve pain. I started out with 300mg of Neurontin. After a few weeks of taking it I didnt notice a difference at all and they increased my mg. I started to wonder why am I taking this when it not make a difference but then I found it was helping me alot. One day I forgot to call in my refill and then I didnt pick it up right away and oh boy did I see! I had nerve pain that just go so intense I was screaming all day at work. Once I got my refill and got back on schedule I noticed it calmed down. Now I was still get nerve pain but it was under somewhat control. I seems like its not doing anything but dont take it for a few days and you will see. I'm sorry to hear what happen to you but try to have paticence. Is that the only nerve pain meds you are taking? I'm taking 4 types; Cymbalta, Lyrica, Pamelor and Neurontin. You can always ask your doc for something else if you dont feel like its working. Or ask your doc to see if increase your mgs. Like I said I started at 300 mg then 400mg the 800mg and now at 1200mgs. Just try to find what will work for you becuz everyone is different. I could be just me but it does work even though you might not see the differnce, I wish you good luck. Nichole

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