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Hello, first post and all that.

In short I have a disc bulging at L5S1 squashing the nerve down my right leg, had phsio, spinal block injections and now due to the length of time I am awaiting surgery. I'm on Lyrica, Tramadol and Diclofenac for the pain which is under control and I have no side effects. I can still feel the nerve streching inside my leg and have numbness in my right foot on all four toes and down the outer edge extending up my outer right lower leg.

I am happy with my treatment so far in relation to this but at about the same time the back problem started I lost feeling in both front thighs. Initially I had a burning pins and needles sensation and so at the time of my spine block the consultant also gave me an injection above my right hip to block what he said was a trapped femoral nerve. The burning and pins and needles stopped but the feeling did not return, the feeling is less in my left thigh than my right.

The consultant has said that my back is the priority and to get that sorted first and then look at the thigh issue.

Obviously I've looked around and suspect that the femoral nerve problem has been brought on by me trying to find comfortable positions to lessen the back pain and by laying on my back with my legs up for long periods.

Do the two problems often go hand in hand, is there a good chance the feeling will return on its own and if not what options are there. I'm in the UK and don't have to pay for treatment but do have to wait for MRI scans etc, I am lucky to have enough cash to pay for MRI scans privately, would scans identify the cause and show where the nerve is trapped or damaged.

I would be really grateful for a reply, I can't deny that the two problems are a great worry.

Thank You

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