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Hi, this is the first time in 11 years that I have found a post with the same problem as myself, seems this is a rare problem!

My sharp shooting pains (electrical) started 11 years ago (21 years old then), they originated from my wrists and gradually over the months spread all over my body. Now the sharp pains are intolerable, in fact the ones around (in) my skull are so bad that when they strike will effect everything i am doing, talking and seeing. Sometimes I can also see small bruising from the pains around my body. If I press on the area at the time of the pain, I can pin point it and make the pain worse, and this brought me to think that this was not in my head, the pain is actually physically there.

I have been to many doctors over the years, and most have said that its all my head and that I am stressed and need to calm down. They have put me on beta blockers for 5 years, various other drugs including valium etc and one day told them just to stop and look into it properly, the answer I got was to say i was a hypocondriate!! One doctor even told me, if you were a millionaire then maybe we could find the answer for you!!!

I have had some explanations:

Random Nerves firing off due to stress. ????
Autoimmune desease (Dr didnt investigate further)
Neuro Desease (Dr didnt investigate further)
All in my mind
A rare desease
Muscle Inflamatory between bones causing sharp pains.

The only answer was to go private and start spending thousands to try and find the answer. The trouble is, over the years, my illness has been getting worse and brought on many other problems. Along with the shooting pains, in the last 12 months I can hardly eat anything without being ill, sometimes causing enlarged colon, breathing problems, drop in blood pressure and severe fatigue. I also have short term memory loss and on rare times, speech problems but I believe this all originated with the sharp shooting pains.

I have had MRI's, CAT's, Xrays, electrical tests, EEG's, ECG's, loads of blood tests, hormone tests, tyroid, in fact so many tests I feel like an experiment.

Actual results from investigation have come to light over the last 12 months, due to the fact that the illness is getting worse.

1.Thyoid has started to produce varied results, from low to high figures.
2.B12 exhausted, having injections.
3.Dyhydration problems in blood results, even though I drink 3 liters of water a day.
4. Various intolrences and Allergies, and these seems to change every few months (seems a joke to me)!
5. Loss of weight (20kg´s on 10 months) for no apparent reason.

The sharp shooting pains are at an all time high, but of course Doctors cant see pain and is physical eveidence.

I hope someone posts an answer to this problem on this message board. We cant be the only small group of people in the world to be having this problem!

Good luck to all of you,


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