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Hi! I have been reading a lot about neuropathy, but find that most people are diabetic and suffer from neuropathy pain in the legs and feet. I get random shooting pains throughout my whole body, sometimes several per minute. The pains first started 8 years ago, and I was tested for everything. No cause of the nerve firings was found. I have absolutely no nerve damage. I do also get the pins and needles sensation in my arms, hands, legs and feet, as well as my ears and sometimes my scalp. But mostly it's the random, shooting pains that last only a few seconds, and can be anywhere on my body. For 7 years the symptoms have bee quite tolerable, so I don't see this as a chronic pain problem, but lately the symptoms have increased in intensity and frequency. I am quite anxious to know of anyone else with similar symptoms!

Looking forward to hopefully hearing from someone....
Hi Pan Girl,

Sorry to hear what you've been dealing wit but glad your MRI's have been clear.
I don't know if I have advice but I have a question.
I've been getting "ting" feelings (not quite pins and needles but little quick sparks anywhere and random, lasting only a second.
Through your testing did your neuro say (because this is my understanding) that random & sporatic firings would not likley be caused my MS. As MS usually presents in a more constant or inermittent but local way. IE: hands, feet, lower half, upper, one side of face etc. ??
Did you also get this info???
I'm so scared as to what this is. I do get the odd burning muscle pain but I also know this can be anxiety and lots of long walks and dance class perhaps. I have chronic anxiety, which often manifests in to real symptoms that last a few months at a time.
Could this be the case with you? Or coud it be nerve infammation of some sort due to allergy or a virus?
Glad to hear your little boy has a clear EEG and MR, Worried Mommy. On the other hand, I know what you are going through now. You don't want them to find anything serious but you want them to find something - it leaves you in a kind of suspended animation somewhere between relief and disappointment/despair. Your son's symptoms sound very similar to my son's. The 'ice pick' headaches are the worst thing according to him - everything else, although very unpleasant, is half as bad as the head 'lightning bolts' or 'firing offs'.
Does your son have any stiffness in the legs in the mornings? Also, does he get very cold hands and/or feet? I ask this because my son J was examined with a Doppler ultra sound device yesterday and the result is that he has an extremely bad circulation in his feet - probably a subtype of Raynauld's. The doctor who performed the test said he thinks J has a rare kind of systematic illness - many of his blood tests don't conform to the obvious ones.

We went to a lecture held by a self-help group re. neuropathic pain and the Prof. of Neurology said that on average in Austria, a patient has to go through 5 doctors before seeing one that knows about neuropathy and can diagnose it correctly. I don't know if it is a similar situation in the States. We were also told that there is not much on offer for children - the drugs are too heavy. We (or rather my son) are about to start a course of Chinese medicine. The Chinese doctor helped me get my life back when school-medicine had given me up - i.e. the operation on my inner ear didn't work and I spent most of my life lying down, dizziness spinning me around at a speed where my eyes were flicking around and being sick because of it - best described as being on an out of control carousel that you can't get off! In any case, this doctor has told me she has treated 3 similar cases of neuropathy and they all got well. I'll keep in touch regarding progress but it seems for children, if there is no obvious cause of the pains, alternative therapy is the only therapy.
I wish you the best of luck at the Neurologists - hope you get some answers.

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