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Hi, I wanted to post here and see if anyone else is going through/gone through what I am unhappily experiencing.

Easter evening I was working on listing things on an auction website (I do it at home and also part-time for a local business). I noticed that my neck was starting to really hurt and within an hour I had a line of pain from my neck to my pinky, which also felt like it was going numb. By the time I went to bed I was in moderate pain (6 on a scale of 1-10) and I had a terrible time sleeping.

I went to the doctor early Monday morning and when I described my symptoms he said right away "neuropathy." He gave me a pharmacy full of drugs (Anaprox for inflammation, Flexeril in case it was muscle spasms, and Lortab for pain). He said that if, in a week, I was not better, to phone him and he'd schedule me for an EMG and an MRI. He said it could be anywhere along the nerve being compressed, etc.

I'm definitely better than I was on Monday and I'm really enjoying being able to lie down and relax and SLEEP without significant pain. But I'm nowhere near 100% better and doubt I will be by Monday. My neck doesn't hurt all the time but my elbow hurts pretty bad. My pinky isn't totally numb but the sensation is not normal at all. Half numb maybe?

I'm nervous about both tests. I've had CT scans but never an MRI and definitely not the EMG.

I'm 33, have three kids (11, 8 and 4) and have to be able to work to make ends meet. I'm worried that my computer-ing has caused this and I'm also worried about not being able to work at all.

Thanks for reading, if you do,


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