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this does sound like it is probaly in all likelyhood,stemming from the lower part of your c spine.the ulnar nerve IS the c 8 nerve at the very end ofyour c spine right before the T spine begins,tho you do not actually have a c 8 vertebrae,you DO have a c 8 nerve.the fact that your pinkie is being affected would just correlate to the c 8. i have alot of damage to my c 8 due to surgery done inside my cord there, and my pinkie and ring fingers are where i lost alot of MRI is pretty straight forward,i just had number 16 a few months ago and have survived just fine.its just really noisy,but they do give you ear plugs and headphones.i just try and relax and keep my eyes closed while in may also want to have someone drive you so you can take something to relax you a bit more.i always have to use valium and my mega pain meds just becasue the pain increases horribly for me from the SCI and spasticity problems with my legs.getting an MRI WITH contrast really would be the best way to go EMG is a bit painful(only for some but its pretty innocuous) but its over pretty shouldn't have to be there too long with only doing,most likely,that one arm and hand,i had a whole body one that took like forever.but my c spine one i had many years ago,was actually over in about 20 minutes.very quick and yours should be too.this will only show definite nerve compression or direct types of damage/ if this comes up negative or 'normal' vs abnormal,it really only tells a very small part of the can still be having intermittant compression or affectation,it just doesn't show up in the posistion you will be in or is a if it comes up negative or normal,you still can be having alot of pain and intermittant don't get worried if that first EMG for my herniated disc showed completely normal nerve flow,despite the horrid level of pain i was having from intermittant compression.just see what pops up in the MRI,that will tell you alot more than any EMG/muscle study possibly could.

i wish you luck with this.please let me know what you find out,K? Marcia

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