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It was my experience with Lyrica that while I was taking it it did not seem to work too good. I stayed on it for a while maybe a little too long actually. It made me feel really dizzy and loopy for lack of a better term. I felt that it did not help me but when I was getting off of it I noticed the pain increased. I have to say though I was on a lot of other drugs as well. Personally I would not give it another try. We are all different though. I did not react the same way to Cymbalta as you. At first I loved it and felt like it was doing a lot of good. I take it also for Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy so it is hard to say what causes pain to increase or decrease. You could try going onto the RSD board to check and get some more info on Lyrica. I wish you luck and hope you find something that works for your pain. If I can help in any other way feel free to ask and good luck- Jaxobean (Nikki)
Thank you. Well things are getting worse with pain and no answers. I have now gotten another mri scheduled. I had one of my brain/spine but now am getting one of my foot/ankle which is where the severe pain is. I also am seeing a surgeon and have sent my reports to a specialist in denver clinic. I'm going to go to a pain managment clinic and they are suppose to call me tomorrow as nothing is helping. I have been taken off cymbalta as it wasn't helping and the 60 gave me the worst side effects. At this point I feel everything is making things worse as each day I spend more time in a laying position barely even able to sit. The neuro now wants me to start elavil. Any thoughts? I feel in my heart its something more then nerve issue or tts and am trying to not get ahead but like a tumor or cancer or I have no idea that is pressing on my inner ankle and with extreme foot pain. Mentally thank goodness for my mom because I'm drained and physically the pain is horrid. I'm taking a lot of vicadin which was prescribed but want an answer and even through the med I'm in pain. Has anyone been to a pain managment place or on elavil. I'm desperate for any ideas?Thank you for the support you have given.
What are the other names for elavil? I know I was on it but I think it was the generic. I remember the doc. saying I was taking Elavil and i was like no I am not but I have been on so many meds. What are your symptoms? I am not a doc but describe the pain. I will pull up your post history and get a better idea. i would love to try and help. I have severe knee/foot pain. I wish I could send you pics but I know we cannot. nikki
OH! diet stuff.
my nutritionist put me on a pretty extreme anti-inflammatory diet. basically no preservatives (if it doesnt go bad in 7 days without refrigeration or freezing then dont eat it), no corn syrup or artificial flavors, balanced meals (youd be amazed how hard this was) and primarily veggies and fruits.
i lost 10 lbs in 8 weeks without exercize and my neurological symptoms, as well as joint pain, diminished greatly. i also took a bunch (500mg?) of magnesium (i took mag glycinate cuz i have kidney issues and sometimes people with kidney drama get toxic reactions from magnesium) as well as dha/epa/omegas, and an anti-inflammatory shake mix which was horrid but worked- a ton of herbal stuff is available now from various companies and is available for reasonable price online. look for a tumeric, ginger or rosemary base.
Thank you for both of your replies to both my posts and I'm sorry for your struggles. As for my story. About 3 months ago I thought I developed what was an overuse injury to my inner ankle/foot from exercise. I stopped the exercise but it didn't get better and so after a week then of being in bed with extreme pain I went to the orthopedic who put me in air cast and did bone scans/xrays that showed nothing. I was the refered to a neuro who did mri of brain/spine,doppler,emg all showed nothing.I had bloodwork which did show high liver enzymes which is most of my life and low white blood count but no one was concerned with that being an issue. Mean while months are passing the pain is worse and bed ridden. On a good day a few errands. I also went to the foot ankle specialist who thought it was tarsal tunnel I got 2 nerve block shots. I was started on lyrica,then to cymbalta,now to elavil. My pain is unbarable and gets worse each day as I spend more time laying even sitting hurts. This is through vicadin. Now I was refered back to the ortho who sending me for another mri onTues of my foot/ankle which the other was of brain/spine. I'm suppose to hear from a pain clinc today. I also sent my info to the Denver clininc. I'm loosing my mind and the only thing all the meds and docs have done so far has made things worse. My pain is the inner ankle/foot. I sometimes have tingling and knife pains in the bottom of foot. Around the ankle feels like no circulation sometimes with small swelling. It also goes up to my calf where its tight. The inner ankle bone to even touch hurts and same with the foot/toes.I'm really worried. I'm 28 so not old. If I can help you all in any way let me know. I thank you regardles for your support. This is so lonely and confusing.

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