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Hey Everyone..
I was just reading up on all of your postings. Some of your symtoms sound so familar to mine.. I was in an auto accident in 2002. I herniated c4,5,6,7.. I started with numbness in my hands and fingers. Went for PT.. nothing was helping.. Had all the test done.. EMG, MRI. you name it. I start with burning in my R hand that turned red, looked like sun burn. Another month went by burning in my L hand.. Still going to therapy all this time.. Had cort shots, pain killers. More months went by, I start with burnng in my feet. I started with weird sensation starting from the top of my spine down.. Involuntairy movement of the legs. Up all nite. When I would try to get up.. Just putting my feet on the rug hurt really bad.. It was horrible. Another couple months went by.. I started with swelling in my R hand.. I went to dr to dr. trying to figure out what was wrong with me.. Some drs would say neuropathy.. some mentioned RSD. Finally I saw a othopedic surgeon. Who said.. I was a canidate for surgery, but he will not do it cause he felt that I had RSD.. He called down to a specialist in Philadelphia.. I waited 7 months to see this dr.. Thank god I did.. I do have RSD.. My point here is.. I went for almost 4 yrs without being diganosed.. The most important thing for RSD is to be treated early.. If not it can spread. Which it has. If its attacked can go into reamission.. If not it can be cripling. I now cannot work. There are not alot of drs out there that have the knowlege of RSD. Iam just letting you guys know this.. only for the fact that some of you are having the same symtoms.. RSD does not show up on MRI's. There is no diagnosic testing for it..
My pain and burning goes on and off.. just like some of you were saying.. My muscles are weak. Sometimes I feel like I have the flu.. My whole body hurts.. I don't mean to scare any of you.. I just wish someone had to me this yrs ago.. When I only started with the burning in my hand..
I wish you all luck..

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